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2022 Ultimate Gifting Guide

2022 Ultimate Gifting Guide

As the holidays approach the importance of slowing down becomes paramount. Remembering what these times are truly about, connecting with those we love, gratitude for life and hope for the coming year.  Gifting intentionally, shopping small and purchasing from businesses that care can be a way to support the things that matter. 

I encourage you to shop small this season, supporting businesses who try to make a difference.  By supporting my shop, you help connect people with the planet. Every single order matters, and I light up each time you place one. I'm so thankful to have connected with such loving and present folks. You are the reason I harvest and craft with such care.  And you can be sure you are gifting truly unique products that you won't find anywhere else!

So here is my guide for everyone on your list. To help you tackle all of your to-dos and give intentional, personalized gifts, I've created the Ultimate Gifting Guide.

Plum Brilliance's Top Gift Picks:

For The Wanderluster

Winter CSH Box: Each quarter I will craft and curate a treasure box filled with botanical remedies and body care inspired by the season.  These boxes are extremely limited! By participating in the CSH, you will gain exposure to new herb and will receive a write-up of the herbs included in the box and ways to use the products.

● Wildling Fir + Poplar Natural Wildcrafted Body Oil: For nature lovers who are always on the go. With outdoor exposure to sun, wind, and dry air, good body oil is a must to replenish moisture lost to the elements and prevent environmental damage to the skin.

● Wander Wildcrafted Herbal Tea: A morning brew inspired by the high desert landscape of California. This unique blend recipe features pu-erh ( delicious, fermented smoky black tea), medicinal turkey tail mushrooms, piñon needles, and hawthorn berries.

● Radiance Hydrating Facial Toner: Because travel can be tough on your complexion, extra hydration is critical! This skin-supporting toner can be used to boost thirsty skin on the go.

For The Glowing Goddess

● Vitality Natural Face and Body Scrub: The skin's natural radiance is revealed, thanks to gentle sugar crystal exfoliation. This moisture-boosting scrub can be used a few times per week for softer, smoother skin.

● Wildcrafted Botanical Facial Oil Treatment Trio: It's a beauty lover's dream: three different targeted treatment oils for balance, hydration, and cellular regeneration. These lovely botanical elixirs can be mixed, matched, and layered to meet many unique skin needs.

● Rivers Lymphatic Massage Oil + Wood Gua Sha Tool Set: Lymphatic drainage is the secret to luminous skin that glows from the inside out. This two-piece set contains everything needed to begin incorporating this fantastic practice into any at-home skincare routine.

 "Pride" Natural Bronzing Body Oil: A plant-powered, sun-kissed look is easy to achieve with this bronzing oil for the whole body. It uses earth mica--suspended in a blend of botanical oils skin loves--to create an all-over shimmer and shine.

For The Aspiring Athlete

 Recover Mineral Bath Salts: Treat fatigued muscles to a deeply relaxing bath treatment with this salt-soak blend. Himalayan salt crystals and mustard seed work wonders to stimulate detoxification and repair.

● Arnica Pain Relief Muscle Balm: Tired, sore, or aching muscles get instant relief from this holistic balm, blended with arnica, menthol, and camphor for natural pain relief.

● Natural Relaxation Magnesium Balm: Harness the power of magnesium for rapid recovery. The hardest workouts won't slow you down with the mind-calming, muscle-relaxing, and sleep-promoting properties of magnesium.

For The Pet Lover (Safe for people and fur babies)

● Everybody Soap, Luxe Unscented:  A soap for every body, even those with fur! Gentle and nourishing, this unscented soap blend contains rich botanical oils and nourishing nut butters to deeply moisturize.


For The Super Parent (Kid-friendly products)

● Herbal Respiratory Wildcrafted Steam- Breath: For times of illness or just for everyday wellbeing, this antimicrobial and refreshing steam blend features wildcrafted and organically grown herbs to promote respiratory health.


 Dream Wildcrafted Herbal Balm: Guard against nightmares and inspire sweet dreams with this bedtime balm. With mugwort, lavender hops, and cedarwood, your sleep is sure to be restful.


Healing Salve: Also known as our "put it anywhere" formula, healing salve is great for bites, bumps, bruises, boo-boos, cracked heels, and even split ends.


● Miraculum Miracle Skin Repair: A powerful balm for all of your skin woes. Miracle Skin Repair utilizes sea buckthorn oil, lanolin, comfrey, and chaparral to promote soft, smooth skin.

For The Zero-Waster

 Cedarwood Natural Shave Soap Bar: Get a clean shave with a bit of help from luxe botanical ingredients that foam to form a thick creamy lather. An excellent option for sensitive skin types and preventing irritation following shaving.


● Natural Cocoa Butter Plastic-Free Lip Balm: Target dry or chapped lips with this clean formula. Cocoa butter and shea infused with calendula is our go-to for lip moisture and repair.  Packaged in an eco-friendly paperboard tube.


 Natural Charcoal Solid Bar Shampoo: There are no sulfates and no stripping ingredients in this all-natural shampoo bar. Activated charcoal plus purifying essential oils leave hair deeply cleansed without stripping it of vital moisture.


 Zerowaste Natural Dish Laundry Soap Block: A cleansing soap block can wash dishes, surfaces, and delicate clothing without creating waste. A must for eco-friendly home cleaning.

● Refresh Natural Cream Deodorant with Lemongrass + Rosemary: A sustainable alternative to drugstore deodorants, our refreshing blend contains coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils to combat odor and keep skin moisturized.

For The Hard-to-Please 

 Wildcrafted Botanical Skincare Gift Set: For when you just can't decide or aren't sure which product they'll love best. Our curated gift collection contains five of our favorite products. So your recipient can sample a variety and discover their favorites.


 Plum Brilliance Gift Cards: We all have that one person who isn't so easy to pin down. So for the impossible to shop for, Plum Brilliance offers gift cards. Gift card amounts start at $10 and can be used to purchase any products in our collection online.


Bonus Holiday Survival Tip: While gifting others, don't forget to treat yourself to a bit of self care as well. Whether it's with a few extra items in your virtual cart, or a quick nature walk, remember that you deserve a little TLC too.

Take a moment to breathe, enjoy the beauty of the season, and remember the things that really matter.

I am so grateful to all of you, my customers, for supporting me and the herbal products I create. It is with great love that I thank you for helping my vision and business grow.

Be well!
With love,

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