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On Running a Magical Business - This is Not a Class from Hogwarts

On Running a Magical Business - This is Not a Class from Hogwarts

"You can't run a business this way."
"You have to be available all the time, pushing your products."
"Upsell, post sell, google ads, Facebook ads."
" Post on social media no less than 5 times a week, but not more than 3 times a day"
"Use all available channels on Instagram, including stories and reels for best engagement."

I'm so tired of all these "rules" on creating a thriving business. It doesn't feel authentic, and it certainly doesn't feel magical. This is the year I've decided to fully trust my process and creativity, and I believe the people who are meant to find my products will.

First step, google right? But when I search  "How to run a magical business," I get results like – starting a magic shop, how to be a professional magician, how to open a trading card shop. Magic has become pigeonholed, applying only to illusionists or Harry Potter wizards.

And yet, I would consider magic an integral part of what I do – not in the wand-waving, hocus pocus sense – but in regards to accessing the unseen sparks of this world.

mugwort artemesia flowers

If I told you plants talk, would you believe me? Try it sometime. Sit with a plant – pick the one you're naturally drawn to – and just wait. Thoughts, ideas, images, phrases will slowly rise to the surface of your consciousness, like murky water settling, you'll begin to get glimpses into the pond.

Of course, a cynic would say these are your own fabrications, something our restless human mind creates. As an herbalist, I believe it's shared communication and energy of recognition between us (people) and the plants we have so much history with.

Magic is the intuitive feeling in my gut, a friend calling when I'm thinking of them. It's the spark that charged through me upon meeting my partner and the wonder of the children that my body somehow knew how to grow. Those grounded feelings when I'm deep in the forest, the intensity of the desert, the purifying raw power of the ocean, all of the unquantifiable, immeasurable aspects to life – the bits we can't explain – that's magic.

woman with pine tree

Heading out to harvest is a magical experience and the basis for this business. All things are energy, and it's my goal to share the nurturing healing power of nature in the products I create. While crafting, my heart is full of love, wishes for health, and wellness for each of you. I hold that intention all the way up until I ship your package off to you. There's magic even in the packaging!

While I believe the world is doing what it does, and it's merely our perception that changes, I also think it can be influenced by our intentions. My feelings were validated upon reading "The Hidden Messages of Water." Written by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, is one of the most important water researchers the world has known. For over 20 years until he passed away in 2014, he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds, and intentions.

It's this theory that I try to utilize when crafting and running my business.
This year I've surrendered fully to running my business from a magical perspective, with complete trust in the process. I've heard everything I "should" do to be successful. Still, perhaps the definition of success in the business world is different from mine. The reviews I've received from customers feel pretty successful.

Many changes are occurring, changes I'm super excited to share with you! I have the opportunity to head into nature more than I ever have before. More extended periods of solitude and reflection will mean increased creativity (I hope)! As a one-woman business – I wear ALL the hats – orders will not ship out while I'm gone, and I'll mark all inventory to zero. Once I return, I'll start crafting and reopening ordering. Using the back-in-stock notifications is a great way to be alerted once products go back up.

One idea I've been toying with is a CSH (community-supported herbalism) surprise box. The area I'd recently spent time in and what plants were available to harvest would determine the box's contents. It would contain things like salves, oils, lotions, tinctures, teas, or salts. Boxes would be limited and only available for a specific time. This would allow unlimited creativity and a great sense of the local terroir.

Thank you for all your support and for joining me on my untraditional adventures. True magic happens when we make space for it! 

With Love,


Jul 28, 2022

I have had the pleasure of meeting you through my daughter and I already know that you have so much knowledge about herbs and many other things. I would love to sign up to get a CHS box!! I know it would be filled with such wonderful products!!
So sign me up. I’m ready to purchase one!!

Kathy Hoyer
Mar 28, 2022

Hi Apryl,

I was wondering when it may be back in stock? (I added my name to the notification list.)

Thank you!


Jan 27, 2022

I love this post and I will be the first to sign up for your CSH box!! I totally get what you’re saying about plants and their energy, although I tend to feel this more with animals even. Over the past year I’ve done a lot of herbalism WITH animals and it’s been an incredible journey, so much synergy between the different elements of nature.

Christine Anderson
Jan 27, 2022

Oh Yay Anne!! So far the general opinion is yes on the CSH boxes. My brain is spinning with ideas! :)

Jan 27, 2022

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Apryl! and Yes! CHS box please! <3

Anne OFarrell

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