How To Use a Solid Shampoo Bar

Using a Solid Shampoo Bar

Solid soap shampoo is a wonderful green alternative to plastic packaged, SLS and chemical laden standard shampoos.  They are filled with nourishing organic oils like jojoba, shea butter, castor and sweet almond oil.  The shampoo soap bar is detergent free, preservative free and free from artificial colors and fragrances. By using a solid shampoo, you will also protect our environment from plastic waste.

  • Shampoo bars will work best if you have soft water
Shampoo bars may hold the minerals in hard water to your hair shaft resulting in heavy deposits.


  • Biodegradable and “green”

A great choice for camping when using in natural water sources or as a lightweight travel soap.


  • Great for curly hair

Leaves curls soft and manageable


  • Lather, Lather, Lather

Lathering the soap well is a critical step to making sure all of the soaps oils rinse cleanly from the hair.  So suds it up and make sure it gets nice and bubbly before rinsing it away.


  • Use an herbal vinegar rinse or citric acid rinse periodically

Using a vinegar rinse helps to remove build-up on the hair shaft and close the hair cuticle.  Depending on your oily/dryness level you will need to adjust how often you use the rinse.

Transition period

It’s very important to notice that when you start using a soap based shampoo bar there might be a transition period depending on your hair type, the condition of your hair and how much residues and build up there is from previous products. During the transition your hair can feel oily, waxy or sticky, your scalp may also feel different.

Some people may not experience a transition period at all, while others can take longer to adjust to a soap based product.

Experimenting to find your ideal routine is necessary.  Once you are able to successfully use a shampoo bar I doubt you’d want to ever switch back to the oil-stripping chemical versions.  I have been using a shampoo bar for the last 3 years and I love it.  I wash my hair much less frequently and it feels healthier and more manageable.

Hard Water

Hard water contains minerals (calcium and magnesium) which will reduce the cleansing ability of soap and can cause a sticky or waxy feeling on your hair. If you have hard water, it’s better to use a water softener in your shower.

You can follow these instructions to speed up the transition period and get rid of the waxy/sticky effect:

  • Lather very hair carefully, including hair strands, hair roots and especially tips. Always do a quick rinse in the middle of shampooing. Remember to use warm water with soap based products.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.
  • Towel dry gently.
  • Use our herbal hair rinse or homemade ACV rinse. Using an acidic hair rinse will remove the soap residue, and make your hair shiny and easy to comb. If you have a lot of waxiness in your hair, use a stronger solution of the rinse. You can also mix ACV with my herbal rinses to make the solution stronger.
  • Try rinsing with baking soda before washing the hair: 1tbs of baking soda and 250 ml of water. After that shampoo as usual.
  • One trick is to lather the hair with a sponge, which makes it easier to apply thoroughly.


  • Apryl

    Awesome Stephanie!!! If your water is hard then the citric acid or vinegar rinse will be very helpful. I have a customer who did her own baking soda rinse and had great luck with that.

  • Stephanie Tetter

    Terrific tips! You have convinced me to try again with a shampoo bar.

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