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The Birth of "Immortelle"

The Birth of "Immortelle"

As a weaver of plant magic, I often work with herbs in proven, scientifically-backed methods. But my real joy and creativity stem from the intuitive craft. The one that follows nature's unhurried pace and relies on an ancient, primal wisdom of these plants and their energetics. It was in this space that my most popular facial serum, "Immortelle" was birthed.

immortelle infusion
It began in the month leading up to the full blood moon. The moon was positioned to be an eclipse that cycle as well. The blood moon's power was noticeable in all aspects of life, but especially in my craft's creativity. With the intense pull on intuition and emotions, the month's energetics had been active and inspiring. I began infusing herbs into oils for their month-long process, unsure what the finished product would look like. The infusions were created with intention but not foresight. Serendipitously these oils were ready to be crafted into magic on the blood moon. Moving with perception, I followed my vision and created a luscious red facial serum.

Red is a color that has always held mixed feelings for me. My least favorite color, one I associate with anger and conflict. This intense color seemed to have no place in my life. Yet, it is the color of our beginnings- one of the first colors an infant can recognize and often the favorite color of small children.I know this is a color I need to incorporate into my routine and explore more fully.

pomegranate seeds

Red is associated with the root chakra and our feelings of safety and security. It is the most grounding of all colors and a color of power. I have been wearing red clothing, embracing red flowers, and eating red foods to include this crimson energy in my life. Many of my favorite foods are red! Strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, cherries, pomegranates anyone? It felt appropriate that this latest facial serum is a brilliant, deep red and was realized during the blood moon cycle.

The Birth of "Immortelle"

Working with intention, I began infusing jojoba oil with herbs I had reverently and respectfully wild harvested. Several weeks into the month-long infusion process, I began to get glimmers of what was developing. The immortelle flowers had added a deep yellow tone to the already golden jojoba. Elderflowers added a delicate sweet fragrance to the oil. And of course, for some significant cellular regeneration, comfrey wanted to join the party.

facial serum in amber glass bottle immortelle

Why a regenerative serum? Fully inspired by an eclipse and the opportunities they provide, lunar eclipses are seen as a time for change and renewal. They offer a chance to leave behind the emotions and attachments that no longer serve us. A time to let go of what is safe and comfortable in order to grow more fully.

This is where my inspiration for this serum originated from. This is a way to use entirely natural products (something that may be uncomfortable for some) and see change. Change in health, change in appearance, change in thought. This is a chance to embrace the effectiveness of plants. People are often amazed at how well herbal preparations work, usually responding with "wow! I can't believe how quickly this helped my (insert ailment here)." Herbalists will often just smile and nod knowingly.

man on mountain

As a collective many of us have forgotten our deep and intimate connection with the earth. These plants are allies with which we have built relationships for millenniums. I feel deep respect for the earth and its inhabitants, and I'm so thrilled to be able to re-introduce folks to plants through daily ritual and routine. The more people feel connected to this earth, the more they will want to care for it.

Through blind intuition, this serum was born, and is it ever magical!! Oh my! I am so in love with the color and the deep restorative properties that these plants and rich oils offer. You can check out the listing here and read more in-depth about the key ingredients.

To keep a sense of reality here, it's not all dreamy, magic-filled creativity. Sometimes I create things that turn out tragically…I just don't post about those things. And then sometimes I build potions that turn out beautifully, and I'm inspired to share.

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