Body Oil- "Roots" Deeply grounding
Body Oil- "Roots" Deeply grounding

Body Oil- "Roots" Deeply grounding

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Deeply relaxing and grounding.  Helps relax the body, mind and specifically the muscles.

Concentrated moisture: Moisturizing with oils has so many benefits. Lotions are primarily water, they glide on easily but there is little moisturizing power to them. They require a preservative. Using only oils is far more nourishing and natural for the skin, and if applied while skin is damp the oils will absorb quickly and evenly.

Directions: Apply to clean skin damp or dry.  Massage in and allow to absorb. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

2oz | 60ml glass bottle with pump

Scent: earthy/warm

K E Y   I N G R E D I E N T S

Pedicularis spp.: Where to begin with Pedicularis?  Mention Pedicularis in a room full of herbalists and you'll get a collective swoon. As a semi-parasitic root plant, Pedicularis must be wildharvested making its availability scarce. Easily a favorite this plant is one of the best skeletal muscle relaxants.  People, who have had some trauma in their life, seem to hold the memory of these traumas in their muscle memory. Seeming to almost block access to those parts of their bodies. Pedicularis works very well with those who are wanting to explore and address their trauma.

•Insomnia from exhaustion following excitement or Flight/Fight episode.*
•Insomnia caused by muscular “jolts” when falling asleep*
•Insomnia at first REM cycle, with agitation, fear or gastritis.*
•Muscular pain, especially from excess training or exertion.*
•Sprains, aggravated by sharp muscle spasms.*
•Joint and muscle pain, especially in children.*
•For use with bodywork or physical therapy, to help prevent reverting to pattern*

•Nocturnal cramps in a single muscle group; use internally and externally*
•As a “Treatment Preparer” for Rolfing, myotherapy or muscle re-patterning.*
•Adjunct to neck adjustments, TMJ or Alexander work to lessen tonic resistance*
•To lessen sensation (not cause) of nocturnal pruritis from liver or thyroid dysfunction, 
combined with a good Scutellaria preparation.*
*Notes from Michael Moore on Pedicularis spp. (From Unpublished Material Medica of North America)

For more information regarding this phenomenal plant ally check out this write up by Michael Cottingham along with Michael Moore's notes