Arnica Pain Relief Muscle Balm


Effective natural pain relief balm. Made from natural ingredients like menthol for a cooling sensation, boosted with camphorweed and arnica for inflammation and fluid build-up. Use on sprains, soreness, aches, joint pain, bruising, and arthritis.

  • Skin Feel:  Cool/Relief/Nourished

    Aroma: Mint/Fresh/Herbal

    1oz.| 30ml or 2oz|60ml metal tin, 4oz.|120ml glass jar

  • Directions: Apply a small amount to painful areas, rubbing in thoroughly. This product is potent! Do not apply to broken skin and avoid contact with eyes or any sensitive bits. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Perfectly imperfect, your product may have natural variations due to the botanicals.

  • K E Y  I N G R E D I E N T S

    Arnica montana: a long history of use for bruises, sprains, muscle soreness, and muscle spasms associated with sports activity. As an anti-inflammatory, it helps alleviate muscular aches, joint pain, and arthritis.  

    Camphorweed: when used externally, camphorweed diminishes pain, inflammation, and fluid build-up with an acute injury.  This plant lends itself well to use in many acute injuries.

    Menthol: Menthol provides a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. Camphor and menthol topical (for the skin) is a combination used to relieve minor muscle or joint pain.

    WILDCRAFTED CONNECTION. All of my products are made with the finest ethically wildcrafted or chemical/pesticide-free botanicals and oils. I craft in a way that resonates with my love for this planet, opting for small artisan-batched products. Powerful botanical blends with no fillers using the simplest amount of ingredients for maximum efficacy.

    Full List of Ingredients: Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, Anica montana (arnica) extract, Hetrotheca grandiflora (camphorweed) extract, Solidago spp. (Goldenrod) extract, beeswax, menthol, Mentha spicata (peppermint), Cinnamomum camphora (camphor), Melaleuca cajeputi (cajeput), Eugenia caryophyllus (Clove) bud oil, dl-alpha tocopherol (vitamin e oil)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sara Solon
Injured shoulder

I recently injured my shoulder and I’ve been massaging this into it nightly. It seems to be helping!

Melissa Sanders
Great Product

This was my first time ordering Muscle and it is just awesome. I have had knee pain for years and this works better than any drug store topical pain relief rub I've tried. I use it before yoga, before and/or after my long walks . I just recently reordered for my daughter and have recommended it to friends! Another fabulous product from Plum Brilliance!

Woot! Hooray plants!!! :D I love hearing how folks find relief from natural products. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

Treatment Salve

I use this salve in my Massage Therapy practice after treatment to extend the effects of the massage, especially when doing deep tissue or Gua Sha. The formula is not too greasy, which is great when considering transfer to clothing.

Melissa Lavery
Does the trick

I have used other products before with arnica. Usually, the products I use are warming. This rub is cooling, which I like. Not only does it help to soothe any muscle cramping or pain, but it is non-greasy: Very light. Well worth the purchase, and I can already tell it will last a while.

Julie Roberts
Best Muscle Rub!

I bought this muscle rub because I've been having lower back pain and knee pain from starting a 5k training plan. I have no idea what is in this product (I mean, I could read the ingredients but hyperbole is fun) but this stuff is like magic! I can totally sleep through the night without waking up due to aches and pains which has been such a gift. It also has helped on a recent cross-country trip on my sore shoulders from uncomfortable airline seats. Thank you Apryl!!

So happy this is working well for you Julie! The muscle rub is equal parts potent plants and magic :) Thanks for sharing your experience!