bar soap in light box with castile label
 label of castile soap in light box
three bars of soap stacked
three bars of soap lined up
back label of castile soap bar in light box

Castile Soap

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Castile soap is a truly mild soap. Made with all vegetable oils this soap is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and babies. I leave this mild bar unscented.

The main oil I use in this soap is Olive oil. Olive oil makes up 90% of the oils in this bar. I add coconut oil for more bubbles and sustainable palm oil to keep the bar hard. The result is an indulgent creamy bar of soap that nourishes and moisturizes without stripping natural oils from skin. If you haven't tried a real olive oil bar of soap do yourself a favor and grab one.

All of my soaps are all natural, chemical free, SLS free and dye free. Many commercial soaps use synthetic fragrance oils and micas, oxides and dyes as colorants. In the spirit of keeping my bars as close to nature as possible I only use essential oils and botanicals or clay for colorants. I find this to be of great benefit to the body because while micas, oxides, dyes and synthetic fragrances offer no skin healing properties, essential oils and botanicals/clays are well known to be nourishing to the skin and emotionally balancing to the user. While most commercial soaps rely on sulfates to create their lather, cold-process soap gets its creamy lather from the saponins in the oils that are released during the reaction of lye and oil. No lye remains in the finished bar of soap.

This bar weighs approx 5 ounces. The ingredients in the soap are Olive oil, Lye, Coconut oil, Sustainable Palm oil. Each item is handmade and may have slight variations from the pictured bar.

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