CSH quarterly box - WINTER (PRE-ORDER)


Community Supported Herbalism

The idea behind community-supported herbalism, or CSH, was inspired by the model of community-supported agriculture (CSA). By putting consumers in direct contact with their farmers, the CSA model supports a more sustainable agriculture system. The CSH puts local herbalists and locally produced medicines in close contact with people. You and your family can get powerful locally produced plant remedies and other botanical items by purchasing a CSH share.

What to Expect:

Each quarter I will craft and curate a treasure box filled with botanical remedies and body care inspired by the season.  These boxes are extremely limited! Herbal products ranging from; Tinctures, Elixirs, Syrups, Oxymels, Salves, Botanical Body Care Products, Tea and Drink Blends will be included. They are crafted with intention to promote self-care with an herbal focus. These products will only be available in the CSH box.

By participating in the CSH, you will gain exposure to new herbs and ways of using them! You will receive a write-up of the herbs included in your box and ways to use the products.

The boxes will contain a mix of bioregional wild-harvested herbs from my area (southern California) and traditional herbs from small farms I support.

Boxes are made to order and will ship in early January- infusions take time :)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!! I'm excited to share some of my favorite plants with you!

The value of the box will exceed the price!! Shipping is included.

Customer Reviews

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Siddie Friar

This was such a treat to receive in the depths of winter in Seattle. The box, as always, was so thoughtfully packed and included a very nice pamphlet explaining each item. The seasonal items are so special and I am very much enjoying them. Personal favorites so far include the sacred balm and the cocoa rose butter bar. My partner and I have loved everything we have gotten from Apryl’s apothecary.

So fun!

What a fun surprise to open the fall CSH box! It was like Christmas in September! I loved the variety of things that came in the box, and the great info that came with them. Can't wait for the next one!

Ameena K.
A Big Surprise!

I am so happy I ordered this. Every item is unique. I love that they are catered to the season which encourages you to use it in this season. The selection I received: Jasmine and Piñon anointing body oil, Elderberry syrup, Pedicularis deep release balm, Sage and Citrus hand sanitizer, Nettle Seed salt, and Fig and Vanilla rum. I absolutely love it!