Pink Clay Facial Soap skincare Plum Brilliance
Pink Clay Facial Soap skincare Plum Brilliance
Pink Clay Facial Soap skincare Plum Brilliance

Pink Clay Facial Soap

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This is an incredibly luxurious soap! I formulated this soap to be gentle and moisturizing. Full of decadent oils and butters, like shea, cocoa, avocado and olive, this soap will nourish and pamper your skin. I've added pink clay to this fantastic bar. It helps to create a mildly exfoliating and cleansing soap without being drying.

This is the perfect soap to follow with a moisturizing facial oil 

All of my soaps are made from scratch, all natural, chemical free, SLS free, dye and fragrance free. While most commercial soaps rely on sulfates to create their lather, cold-process soap get its creamy lather from the saponins in the oils that are released during the reaction of lye and oil. I super-fat my soaps which means a portion of the oils remain un-saponified resulting in a cleansing yet moisturizing bar.

In the spirit of keeping my bars as close to nature as possible I only use essential oils and botanicals or clay for colorants. I find this to be of great benefit to the body because while micas, oxides, dyes and synthetic fragrances offer no skin healing properties, essential oils and botanicals/clays are well known to be nourishing to the skin and emotionally balancing to the user.

This soap is approximately 3 oz. and contains shea butter, cocoa butter, oilve oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, french green clay, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, tea tree essential oil. This product is hand-crafted and your item may vary slightly from the pictures.

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