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Lavender + Lime Salt Soap
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Lavender + Lime Salt Soap

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Salt bars are a really neat twist on bar soap. Salt is the star in this soap and I use nearly three pounds of it when I make this soap. I wanted to create a soap that was super durable, one that the kids could leave in their bathroom and it wouldn't disintegrate. This soap does the trick. It is the hardest bar I make and it lasts forever! Well, nearly forever... we have a bar at the kitchen sink which is constantly getting wet and it is still intact.

Salt is a great exfoliator and natural deodorizer. We discovered its wonderful smell killing powers with the bar we have in our shower (which hasn't disintegrated!). We use homemade deodorant so sometimes our underarm funk gets down right funky. The salt bar is by far the best thing I've ever used for neutralizing B.O. The salt is exfoliating but conditioning, This is definitely one of my favorite bars to make and use!

Salt affects the soap's lathering qualities so while you don't get the big huge bubbles from something like a coconut bar you do get a very creamy dense, almost lotion-like lather. I've increased the amount of oils in this soap so that a good portion of oil doesn't turn to soap. This allows the soap to be very cleansing but not drying. I use a combination of oils that I feel results in a very conditioning bar of soap that stands up to any punishment you can dish out.

Himalayan salt is mined from ancient sea beds and is free of modern toxins. There are many benefits to this salt. It contains 84 trace minerals and the salt helps to draw out toxins and deep clean the skin. Rejuvenate with the purest salt in the world.

All of my soaps are hand crafted. They are all natural, chemical free, SLS free, dye and fragrance free. While most commercial soaps rely on sulfates to create their lather, cold-process soap get its creamy lather from the saponins in the oils that are released during the reaction of lye and oil. I super-fat my soaps which means a portion of the oils remain un-saponified resulting in a cleansing yet moisturizing bar.

This bar weighs approx. 5 oz. and will last a very long time if kept dry between uses. This is a handmade product and your item may vary slightly from the pictures.

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