Massage Bar



Solid lotion bars are a combination of oils and butters that are solid at room temperature and melt with body heat. The are incredible for dry skin!

The "chocolately" scent is prominent in this lotion bar thanks to the unrefined properties of cocoa butter.

Lotion is an emulsion of oil and water but solid lotion bars are 100% nourishing oils. They are decadent and amazing moisturizers! I love to use mine right after the shower while my skin is still damp. The water helps the oils to penetrate and prevents any "greasy" feeling.

Due to the melting potential of this product, I only ship it in cooler months.

All of my products are made with natural ingredients, no synthetic fragrances or colors are ever used!! I use fair trade and organic oils, butters and botanicals and purchase local ingredients when possible. Many of my products contain wildcrafted botanicals that are lovingly and ethically harvested.