Body Oil - "Pride" Natural Bronzing

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Want beautifully bronzed skin without harsh tanning beds or chemicals? This gorgeous shimmery natural oil-based bronzer has you covered! "Pride" is filled with earth micas* for a subtle, nourished glow.  The perfect oil to enhance the unique beauty of every body!

Concentrated moisture: Moisturizing with oils has so many benefits. Lotions are primarily water, they glide on smoothly, but there is little moisturizing power to them. They require a preservative. Using only oils is far more nourishing and natural for the skin, and if applied while skin is damp, the oils will absorb quickly and evenly.

  • 2oz | 60ml glass bottle with pump (due to supply chain disruptions your product may come in different packaging than pictured) 

    scent: earthy/warm

    SUSTAINABILITY MISSION: Products come packaged in glass or paper.  I avoid using plastic whenever possible.  Orders ship with fully compostable packing materials or in compost mailers. 

    WILDCRAFTED CONNECTION. My products are made with the finest ethically wildcrafted or chemical/pesticide-free botanicals and oils. I craft in a way that resonates with my love for this planet, opting for small artisan batched products. Powerful botanical blends with no fillers using the simplest amount of ingredients for maximum efficacy.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Directions: Apply to clean skin damp or dry.  Massage in and allow to absorb. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.  Will thicken when cold, warm the oil slightly and shake to redistribute the mica for better spread-ability.

  • K E Y   I N G R E D I E N T S

    Sandalwood:  sandalwood is used quite heavily in aromatherapy, is a great essential oil to relieve stress and pressure. It can alleviate headaches, migraines, or mental fogginess and improve sleep quality, in addition to a range of other health benefits.

    Borage oil: restores moisture to dry or damaged skin.  Borage has shown strong evidence of restoring the intracellular moisture barrier of adult skin that is either chronically dry or has been environmentally damaged.

    Macadamia nut oil: It's high in monounsaturated fatty acids, including Oleic Acid (Omega 9), which are moisturizing, regenerating, and softening on the skin. These fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory properties. The Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) in macadamia nut oil helps restore the skin's barrier function and reduce water loss.

    *To ensure responsible mica sourcing, I've chosen a lab-grown (identical to earth mica) for this product. 

    Full List of Ingredients: Macadamia integrifolia oil+, Vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil+, Borago officinalis (borage) oil+, Cetyl alcohol (coconut oil thickener), Olive oil PEG-7 esters (olive oil thickener), Mica, Iron oxide, proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils+




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