Sacred Smoke Herbal Incense Kit


The burning of plants, flowers and resins has been used for many years as medicine, for shifting of energy and part of a spiritual practice.  This incense blend is a collection of lovingly wild harvested resins from high in the southern california mountains, sage and sagebrush from the foothills of the chaparral and the aromatic plants and flowers of the high desert.

Ideal for use with incense charcoals. Ash can be used to minimize the amount of smoke produced while still allowing the aromatics to release.

Directions: Set a lit charcoal in a heat safe dish, cover with a small amount of ash.  Sprinkle some incense blend on top of the ash.  Add more incense as needed or desired. 

 Full List of Ingredients: Salvia mellifera (black sage)+, Salvia apiana (white sage)*, Copal resin+, Pinon resin+, Jeffery pine resin+, Artemesia californica (sagebrush)+, Boswellia serrata (frankincense)+, Daemenorops resin (dragons blood)+



Kit contains everything needed to burn loose incense:

  • ceramic bowl
  • white ash
  • charcoals
  • loose incense "Sacred Smoke"
  • mica plate
  • Incense burning directions
Bowl colors are hazel, obsidian, ivory, mountain mist, iron crystal.  Please indicate in your order notes if you have a color preference.