Nature isn't static and neither are my products.  Sourced from the wild, each handcrafted item is as diverse and unique as the place that inspired it!

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This is working great for the pain in my hands and it smells great too. I would recommend it for anyone that needs pain relief.

Deborah S.On Arnica Pain Relief Muscle Balm

The title of this lovely cream really captures the magic of this offering. Such a soft and luxurious moisturizer. My skin feels so soft and is left with a lovely glow after using. The scent is bright and uplifting--a great way to welcome the day!

HannahOn Soft Rose Body Conditioner

I am over the moon with my experience with Plum Brilliance. I know it's only skincare, but Apryl has made it so much more. Now my skin routine is a gesture of self-care that is luxurious and something I look forward to rather than a chore. Her packaging is wonderful with NO plastic (!!!), plenty of lovely dried flowers, and a packet of foraged tea that settles all the craziness of the world. I cannot thank Apryl enough for her care and quality of her products. Highly recommend and encourage you to take care of yourself with Plum Brilliance : )

Porter L.On Botanical Skincare Gift Set

Someone told me about this product and I purchased it for my mom for Christmas last year. It's amazing. I love having this as an alternate to dish soap. So much better for the environment! No more plastic!! Yay!

Nicole C.On zero-waste Natural Dish Soap Block

I absolutely LOVE these soaps. They are so gentle and cleansing that I able to use them on my sensitive scalp. They are truly ph balanced and have calmed my inflammation and dandruff. Amazing...!

HanaOn Natural Soap Sampler Gift Set

Love this product! I wouldn't wash my face with anything else. Smells wonderful, has great texture, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Only downside is that I didn't discover this product sooner :)

Jessica C.On Cleansing Balm Pink Clay Natural - GLOW

I sent this as a gift and heard back how beautiful it was to receive! I love PB’s packaging: dried flowers and berries and brown packaging paper. It is a fun and exciting package to open.

Roxanna H.On Botanical Skincare Gift Set

This is the first time I’ve tried Radiance facial toner and I love it! I spritz it on my face first thing in the morning for a pleasant lift of cooling hydration! The scent of rose essence and its quality of ingredients is a perfect balance! A lovely new addition for my morning ritual!

Molly B.On Radiance Facial Toner

How to Show your Lymph System Some Love (And why it's essential!)

How to Show your Lymph System Some Love (And why it's essential!)

In Ayurvedic medicine, the lymphatic system is considered "the life and breath of the body." It is seen as a central body system, feeding into all other systems. The lymphatic system is often compared to a river of life, and with good reason. Not unlike water, lymph is a vital component in the health of your skin and overall body wellness. Although ancient wisdom has...

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Elderflower champagne - easy, delightful, bubbly beverage recipe

Elderflower champagne - easy, delightful, bubbly beverage recipe

Spring has sprung, and this is a time I wait for with delight every year! I make many wild foods, but spring and the arrival of the elderflowers allow me to make my favorite wild food. Elderflower champagne! This sparkly, naturally fermented beverage is subtle, mildly sweet, and incredibly refreshing. Although called "champagne," the drink contains little alcohol - about the same amount as a...

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Much Ado About Clean Beauty: Why It Matters and How to Make the Switch

Much Ado About Clean Beauty: Why It Matters and How to Make the Switch

Much Ado About Clean Beauty: Why It Matters and How to Make the Switch If you’ve attempted to navigate your nearest skin care aisle recently, you know the options can be overwhelming. Step inside any big beauty store and you’ll likely find a dizzying array of pretty bottles and boxes all touting enticing miracle properties. However by now, you probably know that not all cosmetics...

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