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Nature isn't static and neither are my products.  Sourced from the wild, each handcrafted item is as diverse and unique as the place that inspired it!

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Like all of Plum Brilliance products, the Rivers Body oil is AMAZING. Very healing with a fragrance that's out of this world!!! Wonderful massage oil that reduced the swelling I had from my carpal tunnel. So happy to have found Apryl and her wonderful creations!!!

Eliza C.On Rivers Natural Lymphatic Body Oil

I absolutely LOVE these soaps. They are so gentle and cleansing that I able to use them on my sensitive scalp. They are truly ph balanced and have calmed my inflammation and dandruff. Amazing...!

HanaOn Natural Soap Sampler Gift Set

Love this product! I wouldn't wash my face with anything else. Smells wonderful, has great texture, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Only downside is that I didn't discover this product sooner :)

Jessica C.On Cleansing Balm Pink Clay Natural - GLOW

I sent this as a gift and heard back how beautiful it was to receive! I love PB’s packaging: dried flowers and berries and brown packaging paper. It is a fun and exciting package to open.

Roxanna H.On Botanical Skincare Gift Set